What we do best is develop solutions and services to address complexity and newness of given business problems. Our AI engineers can provide development services that can enable our partners to collect and analyse vast amount of data and to transform them into reliable and successful business strategy. We follow international standards and best practices of problem solving and project management ensuring flawless quality and optimal use of resources

How We Work

Define the Problem

Define problem statement and test the definition against several criteria: clear success measures both in time frame and by the value of the decision maker

Disaggregate & Prioritize

Break the problem statement in to components of better analysis and to design hypothesis

Synthesize Findings and Delivery

Assemble the scenario based solutioning into logical structure to deliver end to end working solution for end users

Critical Analysis

Start with simple heuristics and rule of thumb to test the problem components for prioritization and complexity assessment. Apply analytics techniques to draw initial conclusion and pressure test the hypothesis

Build Work Plan

Design output and plan to deliver the output.
Full details on team, processes, solution, infrastructure, risk/assumptions, budget and timelines

Tools & Technologies

Our technology stack includes both specialized platform for data collection, processing and analysis, and a wide range of cross-functional technologies, languages and standards.

  • Data Management & Big Data

    SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hadoop, NoSQL, Column-oriented DBMS

  • Business Intelligence & Visual Discovery

    Power BI, Pentaho, Prognoz Platform, Excel, SQL Server Reporting & Analysis Services

  • Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

    R, SPSS, Gretl, EViews, Statistica, Prognoz Platform, Mathematica, MATLAB, AnyLogic, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, XGBoost

  • Mobile Analytics

    Objective-C, Android SDK Tools, Universal Window Platform

  • Cross functional technologies

    .Net, Java, Python, C/C++, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Apache SOLR, NServiceBus

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