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Make the right decisions and glean the right insights across your entire product lifecycle by tapping data science, advanced analytics and healthcare expertise from Markytix Technologies.

Customer Acquisition & Engagement

Advances in human science are making treatments more effective, but more complex. So providers need more support than ever to ensure they know what products to think about, and how to deliver the best, most efficient, care to their patients. Targeting stakeholders with the right message, with relevant context and at the right time dramatically improves engagement. Markytix helps you ensure healthcare providers are getting the information they need to see where your product can improve outcomes.

Omni-Channel & Digital

Omni-Channel & Digital as the most challenging Point of Differentiation (POD) in the pharmaceutical commercial model. A good digital strategy enables companies to better predict outcomes, engage multiple stakeholders efficiently, and improves access through integration.
How does your digital strategy achieve near/long-terms commercial gains? Contact us to discuss recent innovations and discover how others are  transforming their commercial model.  

Health Economics & Patient Analytics

Discover innovative ways to generate evidence and engage stakeholders across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Strong team of statisticians and domain experts to establish enterprise healthcare analytics ecosystem for building right tools for patient cohort & predictor for high risk chronic disease, risk stratification, patient behavior insights, disease progression predictors, and other advance statistical models to ease the burden of disease.

Performance Management and insights

Life sciences companies are facing ever-increasing analytical challenges caused by the growing volume and diversity of available data, complex technology ecosystems and diversity of stakeholders requiring timely insights - all at a time when resources are being squeezed. Strong team of consultants, statisticians and technocrats to build customized end-to-end configurable solutions that support the decision needs of a diverse set of user personas and enable the organization with enterprise-wide KPIs.

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commercial excellence

Markytix takes an analytics-infused approach to commercialization, helping life sciences companies take advantage of the latest tools, tec

commercial excellence

Strong partner in helping clients drive tangible performance improvements in field force, marketing and retail operations by rethinking co