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Operational Efficiency

Strong partner in helping clients drive tangible performance improvements in field force, marketing and retail operations by rethinking commercialization with an unexpected mix of practical expertise, therapeutic depth, and execution capabilities.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Top quartile sales forces are 62% more effective than the median. Success in pharmaceutical selling begins with the basic field force equation (Targeting x Frequency x Coverage), its implementation and tailoring.  Leveraging new AI driven sales force advisory platform ( plugged with existing CRM ) can uplift the relevance and effectiveness of sales force engagement.

Portfolio Optimization

Pure play pharmaceutical companies were valued more highly than diversified ones. Recently, all innovative pharmaceutical companies ultimate goal is to become more focus, find right balance between mass market and specialty product and significantly increased the percentage of sales from newly launched products. Contact us to build robust process and simulation models to generate questions resulting in assessments and action items for individual products/portfolios.

Retail Pharmacy Management

Retail pharmacy is critical in Emerging and Developed Markets. Switching to Generics from the Originator brands is motivated by a complex series of variables. In Emerging Markets the number one driver of 'Switch' is lack of pharmacy availability. If you are not on the shelf, you can not be sold. In Developed Markets the principal driver is the INN prescription and the Commercial Value Proposition. To reduce switch and develop a winning value proposition contact us.

Marketing Excellence

Marketing Excellence is at the very heart of demand generation in the pharmaceutical commercial model. The key is one size does not fit all. Within each brand there are market specifics and opportunities to target, that will increase the ROI from tactical matrix execution. Even small changes can produce a material difference in outcome. Contact us to discuss tools and tactics on how we can maximize the ROI of each of my promoted products.

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commercial excellence

Markytix takes an analytics-infused approach to commercialization, helping life sciences companies take advantage of the latest tools, tec

commercial excellence

Make the right decisions and glean the right insights across your entire product lifecycle by tapping data science, advanced analytics and