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Commercial Excellence

Markytix takes an analytics-infused approach to commercialization. We understand life sciences companies' commercial needs and build Robust, Scalable, and Tailored point of differentiation framework to deliver unmatched customer experience by leveraging the latest tools, platforms, and healthcare expertise.

Tender & Key Account Management

It costs 5x the investment to convince and build momentum in a new account than it does to maintain a key account. Investing in critical Demand Management skills such as Tender capabilities, Key Account Management and Commercial Contract Management are  essential to maintaining a strong baseline. Contact us to learn how the industry is evolving these processes and skills.

Gross to Net management

As an industry we make a significant investment into Gross to Net across four key areas: Distributor/Wholesaler Margin, Discounts, Rebates and Returns. Critically, any improvement in Gross to Net goes directly to EBITDA. Markytix has demonstrated significant value-add to the P&L through improved Gross to Net management. Contact us to discuss improving Gross to Net and how you can drive a new outcome.

Multi Channel Capital Allocation

The ever evolving pharmaceutical landscape creates a need to periodically assess and optimize resources. With Markytix’s advanced resource allocation algorithm, business can easily derive the impact of various promotional activities on brand’s sales/share.

Pricing & Market Access

We help you to develop a tailored approach to demonstrate your asset’s value by providing pricing insights based on regional and local strategies, quantitative and qualitative analytics of price-volume trade off, building gross to net pricing strategy and developing innovative pricing / access models.

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commercial excellence

Strong partner in helping clients drive tangible performance improvements in field force, marketing and retail operations by rethinking co

commercial excellence

Make the right decisions and glean the right insights across your entire product lifecycle by tapping data science, advanced analytics and